Independent Network Verification & Testing

Should Your Contractor Offer Independent Third Party Testing?

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This holds true in a TIA-568 compliant channel link as well. Meaning, your channel may be compliant even with a component that is not – especially if one component is compensating for or has more margin than another. For instance, if your connectors have a lot of margin to the specification, you could use a cable that is borderline failing and still pass the channel requirements. The same would be true if you had marginal connectivity and cable with excess margin.

Muscogee International’s highly experienced engineers and certified technicians can ensure that your structured cabling contractor has completed an installation to the highest standards. At an absolute minimum, end users should always make sure their vendors show ongoing third-party verification that their products are component compliant to the TIA specifications and better yet, to their own “above the standards” component specifications. This is one way that an end user can “verify” that they are getting what they paid for. Do not rely solely on the manufacturer for this data, as it is trying to market its product in the best possible light. Simply testing channel performance at the time of installation does not guarantee component compliance and may not be sufficient to ensure the most error-free network possible. Independent verification to component vendor’s specifications as well as a contractor’s installation is paramount to maintaining a more reliable local area network. Specifying a cabling system from a vendor that provides this can help to ensure that you get the most from your network.