Information Technology

Infrastructure Analysis and Remediation Recommendations

Muscogee International, LLC (MI) specializes in the development and implementation of solutions that integrate with a minimum impact with customer’s existing infrastructure design and operations, but which solve the set of problems being addressed by the project. Therefor included in the effort being sized are always Project Management and Analysis components to guarantee that installation, and long term maintenance costs are properly controlled. Our extensive experience with systems architecture, network design, government regulations, and industry standards allows us to offer the highest levels of workmanship and quality control throughout the project. Instrumentation is built in to insure the completed project meets the specified requirements, but also continuously evaluates how well the solution is performing , allowing further analysis.

MI is committed to the concept of using “Commercial Off the Shelf “(sometimes called COTS) products whenever possible to avoid the maintenance issues associated with long term support. However, this does not preclude the development of custom code to provide a function which is not currently commercially available or to allow the interfacing of historical applications which do not provide the current industry standard interface support. To this end, MI is manufacturer-certified with multiple industry-leading products, which allows us to select the best solution to meet each client’s specific requirements, both at the solution level and/or the component level of the “make/buy” analysis step. MI staff’s extensive experience in software design and development both for products and application solutions, as well as participation in partnerships with several “state of the art” vendors of security products insures the designs developed reflect the latest thinking in the ever changing areas of data and network protection. For example, MI is an authorized reseller of the Promia ”Raven” a network leak detection system developed to meet NSA specifications and currently used by the US Navy   to protect overseas bases and ships at sea.

Comprehensive Security Analysis Audit

One of the advantages of working with MI and its internal structure is the ability to cross traditional boundaries in the industry to provide a comprehensive security analysis from a single vendor. For example, we offer a Web Presence Analysis and Code Review to identify any potential attack surface introduced by any external web interfaces offered by the client, and can provide a code review to ensure that these services do not “leak” data or grant unexpected capabilities to users, authorized or otherwise. Associated with and augmenting this offering, we also offer WI-FI Penetration Testing, evaluation of Physical Security (this domain includes physical means of attack that are independent of employee interaction such as Locks, Window access, Alarms, Cameras, and other deterrents), Social Engineering (ID & badge duplication, “spear-phishing” attacks, and a range of techniques designed to identify security holes created by employee practices and habits), Local Area Network Infrastructure Auditing (which includes Analysis of user Workstations, Server security and configurations,Audit of other Network Enabled devices such as printers, scanners, and IP cameras), and Comparison with general security “best practices” and government regulations. Note that MI also recommends periodic “re-Auditing” to insure issues found and reported in prior analysis have been corrected.

Continuity of Operations Analysis, Remediation and Planning

MI’s staff experience in Continuity of Operations is available to clients to assist in the development of plans and infrastructure to assure the business continues even in an emergency and/or disaster situation. While many businesses already have some type of plan in place, most have not updated it since its original incarnation, and are not including the potential cost savings of new technologies like Cloud based Software as a Service, Virtual Application & Network Failover, etc. MI can assist in both the physical and logical implementation of Network Operations Centers, Security Incident Management Centers, Remote Testing & Simulation Facilities, Offsite Data Archival and Recovery Facilities, and Temporary Staff & Processing Capacity Expansion Planning to support both operations continuity and recovery.

Systems Architecture and Application Development Consulting

MI senior staff has considerable expertise in Systems Architecture, including the design and development of application systems and commercial software products for international markets. This expertise is available to our clients to support all types of design and development activities from a market assessment to determine “idea viability” for potential investment decisions, to staff augmentation for Mobile and/or Web based extensions to existing products. Further, as mentioned earlier, the staff has experience in the migration/transition covering major technology infrastructure. This will be made available to our customers to help in the planning for the coming technology migrations (i.e. IP v4 to v6, Active to Passive Fiber Optical Networking, and the government mandated “Zones of Encryption” based on physical location as well as data security level for international networks, just to name a few which we know are coming), and will mitigate the cost impacts of the fundamental changes required to support these at the Logical network design level.

“Big Data” and “Meta data” Analytics Consulting

MI senior staff members have not only used extensively most commercial DBMS implementations, but also played a significant role in the design and development of successful “specialty” data base engines. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the design and development of optimized applications for analysis and correlation of data captured in large amounts which is both Structured and Unstructured at both the Data and the Meta Data levels. Because of our understanding how the selected DBMS engine works at the lower levels of processing, we can use the strengths of that data management approach to make our application requests more efficient, which is critical to minimum processing time in a “big data” environment. As an example MI resells the IBM i2 Analytic Environment componets.